Brief Intervention and Counseling

Tools and supporting material guiding clinicians through a non-judgmental, brief intervention based on the results of the AUDIT-C screening and Alcohol Symptom Checklist. The Alcohol Use Disorder Decision Aid is an invaluable booklet for patients to review and study at their own pace.

  1. MI-SPARC Alcohol and Health brochure. This is a brochure used to support clinicians with brief intervention with patients whose AUDIT C scores indicate they are at-risk drinking. The QR code on the MI-SPARC Alcohol and Health brochure links to an informative 10-minute video, "A ReThink of the Way we Drink," by Dr. Mike Evans.
  2. Decision Aid Summary for Providers. An overview of the Decision Aid Booklet for Clinicians includes an overview of the booklet and what patients will learn.
  3. Alcohol Use Disorder Decision Aid. This booklet is to share with patients who are drinking alcohol at risky levels; it reviews the options as they think about their drinking and making a change.
  4. MI-SPARC Resources - Patient Tools. This handout provides additional resources to share with patients as they work toward changing their drinking habits.